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Top 10 Value-Adding Home Improvements

Since 2013, three of four homeowners have chosen to give their property a makeover instead of relocating due to exorbitant moving costs. In the last five years, homeowners across the U.K. have shelled out £41b giving their real estate a facelift—that’s £1,875 per family! The majority of remodelers are fans of kitchen upgrades, with the remainder looking to install a home gym, cinema, or pool. If you’re part of the Renovation Club, explore these ten value-adding home improvements.

1. Redecoration – 73% of Homeowners Do This – £889 Per Improvement

General maintenance and a lick of paint can do more to transform your home than you think. A light, earthy colour can invite natural light into every corner, creating the appearance of openness and space.

2. Kitchen Remodels – 27% of Homeowners Do This – £5,016 Per Improvement

For many homeowners, the kitchen is a beloved spot. Re-painting units or replacing cupboard doors and handles can provide a much-needed upgrade.

3. New Bathroom – 31% of Homeowners Do This – £2,719 Per Improvement

Everybody hopes to sustain a fresh and clean bathroom. However, it may take a little re-grouting, eliminating limescale, and replacing rusty taps. Re-paint walls with a fresh coat of neutral shades and replace a kitschy shower curtain with an elegant glass divider.

4. Garden Landscaping – 54% of Homeowners Do This – £794 Per Improvement

Whether a cottage garden or dainty, tidy, and well-designed yard, a bit of garden landscaping can tremendously improve your curb appeal. Trim borders and clear pathways to make extra space for entertaining guests. Prune overgrown trees and bushes regularly.

5. Double-Glazed Windows – 25% of Homeowners Do This – £2,543 Per Improvement

Double-glazing your windows can keep interiors warm in the winter. It can also diminish traffic noise if your home is situated next to a busy street.

6. Space Layouting – 39% of Homeowners Do This – £1,002 Per Improvement

Perhaps you’re fed up with feeling cramped and want to create a more sociable space. Combine kitchen and dining areas to free up the room or designate a “front room” for special occasions.

7. Door Replacements – 28% of Homeowners Do This – £906 Per Improvement

First impressions count, and your front door will make a statement. Invest in a robust door that is secure and attractive. If you can’t afford a replacement, give your door a power wash and a fresh coat of paint.

8. Loft Conversions – 11% of Homeowners Do This – £4,310 Per Improvement

On the costlier side of home improvements are loft conversions. However, an extra bedroom, a playroom, or storage area can give your home the best value for money. Always refer to your region or building codes if performing a loft conversion.

9. Energy Efficiency – Cost Varies

You can easily cut down on energy costs by replacing outdated appliances with energy-efficient ones. If your budget can support it, consider investing in solar power.

10. Driveway Addition – 15% of Homeowners Do This – £1,873 Per Improvement

In some regions, parking vehicles close to your front door will come at a massive premium. If you can afford it, add a driveway or parking space for easy access.


Home improvements can be costly, but provide a great return on your investment when you eventually sell your property. They’ll prove even more worth if you’re planning to give your home up as an inheritance to future generations.

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