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How to Turn Your Small Bathroom Into an Oasis

Most good things come in little packages, and your small bathroom is no exception. By maximising storage, you create an illusion of space that makes home improvement projects less of a nightmare and more of a delight. Turning your toilet pit-stop into a genuine wash closet is achievable in these steps.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan

A bathroom renovation might entail re-mapping your plumbing structure—something that requires extra planning. Without a blueprint to adhere to, installing new bathroom fixtures or making use of every nook and cranny is more of a guessing game than it is a plan. Align your strategy with your budget, and you won’t miss any beats.

2. Mull Over Your Bathroom Door

A swinging door can take up space or mask bathroom features you would otherwise want on full display. Consider installing a cavity sliding door or barn door—you may be able to squeeze in a tub with all that extra space.

3. Keep it Simple

An over-embellished bathroom isn’t a pleasant sight. Incorporate elegant, simple lines to create symmetry and give your space the appearance of openness. Prioritise large patterns and format tiles so as not to disrupt the eye.

Use half a shower screen panel above your bath to reduce visual clutter.

4. Use Light-Coloured Tiles

Dark colours can shrink a space. Lighter tiles reflect light efficiently, imbuing a sense of spaciousness.

5. Go for a Floating Vanity

Like floating stairs, a floating vanity gives the impression of more generous space. In tight spaces, incorporate round edges to prevent bumping and catching.

6. Fit Large Mirrors

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, go big or go home. A body-size mirror creates depth and invites natural light. Consider placing an art piece or open shelf with colourful towels on the opposite wall.

7. Think About Your Lighting

Especially in smaller spaces, lighting is a crucial part of emphasising every square foot. If you’re working with a vanity mirror, fit LED recessed strip lighting and a pair of wall sconces on either side.

Add a window to draw in lots of natural light or, if without a window, install a skylight. Above a bath or shower, a skylight can make for a stunning addition to your bathroom—imagine watching the clouds pass over as you bask in a tub of bubbles and warm water!

8. Be Clever About Storage

Any type of cupboard with swing-open doors can restrict space, forcing you to bend in awkward positions to reach for a new bar of soap or bottle of shampoo. Consider integrating an open shelf storage system under your vanity or a wall-mounted shelf.

9. Be Organised

In light of Marie Kondo’s rising popularity, keep only the essentials! Avoid filling your cupboards and shelves with too many decorative items or toiletries you don’t immediately need. You can reduce the impact of visual clutter by purchasing industrial-style or transparent dispensers.


Seeing your bathroom dreams through to reality won’t always come cheap—but it’ll be worth upping the value of your home. Make intelligent choices regarding space and fixtures. If you can afford the time, spend a few days planning with your local builder.

At Embury Building Services, we bring all sorts of aesthetics—traditional and contemporary—to the table. Our stunning bathroom renovation projects have throttled us up to becoming one of the best local builders in Richmond—ones who are always eager to bring your ideas to life!

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