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Choosing a Material for Your Patio Project—A Basic Guide

When you’re planning to get some home improvements done, it’s essential to consider renovating your outdoor space; after all, the exterior design factors a lot to your home’s curb appeal. You can choose to focus on landscaping, enhance your front yard, or install a backyard patio for your family.

A patio involves using the right materials to make your backyard into a special part of your house where you can spend your afternoons with your loved ones. You can ask help from a professional contractor to assist you when it comes to choosing the best materials to match your home.

If you’re a bit lost on what materials to compose your patio with, then here are some ideas you can pick up to choose one based on your preferences:

For Those Who Prefer Flexibility

Concrete is the most popular choice for backyard patio installations. For people who want a material that can easily adapt to its surroundings, concrete can be applied to any kind of deck, regardless of its size. In fact, it can also be an excellent solution for backyard pools.

Concrete offers versatile functions, showcasing a traditional finish that maintains a grey colour and smooth texture, a modern finish that involves the use of other materials to highlight the design and a rustic finish that highlights earthy hues and country elements.

Using concrete for your patio can also result in easy maintenance and has a long lifespan to last you for years to come. To maintain a concrete patio, all you have to do is wet the floor and brush away any dirt before you rinse it clean.

For Those Who Want to Focus on Details

For homeowners who are planning to create a house extension that’s the same level as the ground, brick is another material worth considering! Take note, however, that as beautiful as it may be, you’ll have to exert more energy to guarantee each one is correctly positioned.

A brick layover will also require more hands-on maintenance than getting a concrete finish for your patio. The infills located around the bricks will need to be kept clean so that disturbances like weeds and other signs of vegetation won’t get in the way.

For Those Who Like to Be One With Nature

Gravel is a material you can use for your patio home extension so you can have an outdoor space that blends in well with nature. You can also use it on other exterior areas that require improvements, like gardening and landscaping.

If you want to make the most out of your gravel patio, you must get rid of grass and weeds. You can prevent them from growing back by placing a barrier on the ground. Aside from that, you should dig a deep layer of gravel to stop the gravel from overflowing when it’s raining.

For Those Who Choose to Have Elevated Options

Using wood for your building extension is perfect for patios that require to be elevated above the ground. You can choose from light to dark-coloured kinds of wood, and even bamboo for an environmentally-friendly alternative.

For it to be installed properly, wooden patios need the support of a concrete base—else, you suffer from attracting dirt and prematurely rotting the wood. Take note, however, that as beautiful as it may be, wooden decks require a lot of maintenance and repainting to increase its lifespan.


Picking the best material can be determined by having the right budget, using durable materials, and determining the amount of maintenance you’re prepared to do. If you’re unsure what particular patio suits your home best, then consulting with a reliable contractor near you is a valid solution.

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