5 Tips for Renovating a Small Bathroom Space – Our Guide

Not everybody has the luxury of space to have big sprawling bathrooms that are bigger than most city apartments. While it may seem like the case, a bathroom with a small floor area doesn’t have to feel constricting! All it takes is to have a keen eye for design and a well-planned and executed bathroom renovation from a bathroom renovation expert near you.

To help you out, here are five basic bathroom renovation tips to get you started:

1. Mind the budget

Many people assume that they can get away with a smaller budget when renovating a smaller bathroom. While this is true to an extent, you might be surprised that the price reduction isn’t as significant as you initially thought.

This is because size is not the most crucial factor in bathroom renovations. If you still want to put in the same fixtures, such as bathtubs, heated towel racks, vanity mirrors, and water heaters, the only real difference is the square footage of the room!

In other words, you will still be paying for the same professionals and materials. To avoid being surprised by the final cost, set a working budget and do your best not to exceed it. 

2. Add big vanity mirrors

Big mirrors don’t take up much space as far as floor area is concerned, and they add an illusion of greater depth. Additionally, they also reflect more light, which makes the room brighter.

In choosing big mirrors to go into your bathroom, resist the temptation of going for mirrors with thick and ornate frames. Frameless mirrors are not only cheaper and easier to maintain, but they are also better at creating an illusion of more space. 

3. Get rid of vanity cabinets

You can never get enough storage space, which is why many homeowners love adding bathroom vanity cabinets. For people with more room to work with, installing bathroom cabinets can be a good idea. However, they can also be big-time wasters for people who don’t have the luxury of space.

Whenever possible, swap out big and clunky bathroom cabinets with a cantilevered countertop or a pedestal sink. These flat surfaces will allow you to store a considerable number of bathroom items without reducing much space. They also have the added advantage of not being out of mind and out of sight! 

4. Go for an open floor plan

Bathroom divisions, such as shower enclosures or curtains, can add privacy and even allow more than one person to use a bathroom at once. However, in a small bathroom, they can unnecessarily take up space and will only cramp your bathroom. Whenever possible, choose an open floor plan and eschew any dividing lines or structures to make movement seamless. 

5. Add natural light

Consider adding bigger windows and even a skylight to let more natural light in during the day. If privacy is a concern, you can use frosted glass. Natural light works best with open floor plans, so make sure to do that as well.


A bigger bathroom gives you more room to work with, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make a smaller space work well to your liking. Regardless of size, all successful bathroom renovations require careful planning, a keen eye for detail, and effective coordination between suppliers, builders, and other professionals involved in the project. s

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