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5 Tips for Bringing More Style Into Your Kitchen – Our Guide

Maximising the financial returns on your kitchen remodels means creating something functional and classic. Avoid trends; stick to the basics and place importance on elements like cabinets, good lighting, and high-quality counters. Before consulting your local builders, consider the following stylish upgrades that are sure to last.

Paint your kitchen in a striking way

Finding the perfect colour for your kitchen will help you focus your remodelling plans and create a lively, pleasant space for your family. It’s also the most affordable way to do an upgrade; all you need is paint and a few tools, and you’ll be on your way to a brand new look. 

Bring up the wow factor while keeping it timeless by adopting an all-white or all-black colour scheme. You can look to Feng shui or nature as well; no matter what you choose, keep your choices to the muted or neutral palettes, and allow your accessories to do the exclaiming.

Prioritise kitchen cabinets in remodelling

If you are ready for significant changes to your kitchen, start with the cabinets. You do not need to tear out and replace your current ones, although that might be necessary in some cases. You can switch out the knobs and handles for updated, stylish ones, or reface the doors or fronts. Kitchen fitters are the experts you go to for refacing, which involves applying wood veneer to the cabinet boxes’ sides and installing fixtures.

Add a backsplash for a quick upgrade

Kitchen backsplashes are an ideal element to add in terms of investment since it provides high visual impact for a low initial cost. The homeowner can apply most types of backsplashes, and they come in a range of materials. From glass or metal tiles to waterproof contact paper, there are so many options that could suit the style you want for your kitchen.

Use quartz on your countertops

Laminate, concrete, and stainless steel are up there among the best countertops you can use in a kitchen. For sheer functionality and design, though, nothing beats quartz. It looks like natural stone but is more rigid, as impervious as concrete countertops but more durable, and it comes in a dizzying array of designs and colours. Be prepared to shell out a little more, though, since quartz does not come cheap!

Reconsider the type of lighting you have

Often, kitchen lighting gets ignored, but it deserves the spotlight as well. A well-designed lighting package illuminates your work surfaces beautifully and provides you with stylish accents for your kitchen. 

Recessed lighting, task lighting, and pendant lighting can work together and create the best entertainment space in your home. One thing to remember about speciality lighting is to keep it to scale. Don’t get a pendant light that’s too big for your breakfast nook, for example; seek the opinion of a kitchen remodelling expert for these things.


Kitchens are among a home’s social hubs, a place for both sustenance and socialising. In a kitchen, family and friends can gather and interact less formally, compared to how they would be like around a dining table. As such, it makes sense that remodels emphasise this social aspect, and make it appealing to share meals. When remodelling your kitchen, consider how you can keep it both functional and stylish, and how you can encourage people to spend more time together in this room.

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