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    Extension and building

    Many homeowners decide that a house extension is a right decision to take their property to the next level. If you require more space; whether it is to accommodate a hobby, a new business, or a growing family, a house extension is usually a better option than moving house.

    The process of buying a new home, going through lengthy and complicated legal procedures, risking being gazumped at the last minute, and of course, paying for the expense of a move puts a lot of people off. What if you could improve the home you already love?

    Great quality house extensions are designed with you in mind. They enhance the space you have available. They allow you to use your home differently. And they are built with a thoughtful design to give a great appearance. You may have concerns about what house extensions cost, but they are usually a much more cost-effective route than moving to a larger property. Adding a well-designed home extension also adds value to your property, should you ever come to sell it. There are lots of great reasons to be looking for house extensions ideas.

    Why Do A Home Extension?
    Undertaking a home extension project doesn’t have to be daunting. The process can seem complicated from the outside, but working with a specialist construction firm will ensure that you go about things in the right way. Considering what you want to gain from the new extension design, what space you have available, the look you are trying to achieve, and your budget, a great solution is yours.
    Think about all of the elements involved in a house move. The time you spend hunting for an affordable property in the right location. The enormous costs of finding a deposit, stamp duty, removal firms, and fees for the estate agent and conveyancers. The stress of negotiations. And the lack of protection if it all falls through before exchange. It’s little wonder that moving house is often listed as one of the most stressful experiences you can have. Adding a home extension means that you get to sidestep all of that hassle. If you love your existing home, it definitely makes more sense to love it rather than leave it. Extending your house does require some cost, of course. But it’s generally a lot less than the cost of a house move – so you’ve saved time, stress and money. And you will have enough leftover cash to put towards decorating and adding new furniture.
    When you move into a new house, you inherit the decorating taste of the previous owner. These choices can include design details that are hard to alter. When you choose to do a home extension, you get to choose every last detail – from the floorplan to where the plug sockets are, the plumbing, finishes, and the whole look and feel of the place. Looking for house extensions, ideas can be one of the most exciting parts of the process. With some expert help, you’ll be able to determine what design will work best for your home. What could be better than a new space that is custom designed exactly the way you want it?
    For most homeowners, their house is the single most valuable asset they own. In fact, many people rely on their homes to provide them with a retirement plan or to leave a legacy for their families. Adding a house extension is one of the few home improvement projects that can add tangible value to your home. A lot of additions and updates may make your home more attractive to buyers and possibly increase the asking price of your home. But adding square footage is the only alteration guaranteed to add to the bottom line as well. Often, our homes have a lot of unrealized potentials. That wasted space above the garage which could become an extra bedroom. The side return that could be filled in to give you more space. Or the rear extension that could give you the open plan kitchen and dining space you’ve been dreaming of.
    The design of a home has to work well for its occupants. That is the fundamental principle of excellent home design. So if the space available for your needs isn’t suitable, you can make a small change that will make a massive difference in the way you live. Perhaps you want to add an open plan living space that connects your home and garden? Maybe you need to add extra space for a growing family? You may even need room for a home office, games room, home gym, or a studio. All of these factors make your home perfect for your needs and the needs of your family – and adding a home extension can help you achieve them.
    Easy Home Extensions With Embury
    With years of experience in creating a beautiful family home design, Embury can help you to add some much-needed space to your house.
    We pride ourselves on understanding your needs and coming up with a design that will enhance your life and the look of your home, completely bespoke to your property.
    We understand that escalating costs can be one of the more worrying parts of adding a home extension, so we promise a great value fixed price to eliminate any unwelcome surprises.
    Embury will guide you through the process of house extensions and make sure everything happens to time and budget.
    Peace of mind is assured when you build with us. We are proud to offer a ten-year warranty on our building work, so you know you’re getting top quality materials and workmanship.
    Our team will work with you before, during, and after the building process to answer any queries and ensure that you are delighted with your new home design.

    The Embury team wants you to achieve the house extension that is entirely right for you. We offer a free site survey and no-quibble quote so you can make the decision to extend your home with perfect confidence.

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