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    If your Richmond home is lacking in space and you’re looking for an effective yet simple solution, a loft conversion could be the way forward. Helping to transform your property and give you the extra space you need, it’s a decision that thousands of homeowners around the country make every year.

    Whether you’re considering moving home in the near future or you simply want to make the most of your property, then a loft conversion is a great choice every time. A wonderful way of improving your home, each loft conversion carried out by Embury is designed to our customer’s unique requirements.

    Enhancing the look and feel of your loft space, you can reap the numerous benefits that a conversion provides. A feature that your family will love and appreciate, a loft conversion will open up your property – without a large price tag attached to it.

    Why Invest in a Loft Conversion?

    Although a loft conversion might initially seem like a large undertaking, with our years of experience in the industry we will ensure that each step runs smoothly. Designing a space that meets your requirements, we’ll use our knowledge and expertise to transform your loft space. 

    Keeping you informed throughout the process and guaranteeing that it aligns  with your unique budget,  you can have the peace of mind that your loft is in safe hands with Embury.

    As mentioned above, by converting the loft space, you will be able to optimise space in your home. Giving you an extra room that you can then use as a bedroom, games room or another type of space, it’s bound to have all of your guests in awe the moment they see it. 

    By opting to include windows in your loft conversion, the natural light that will flow in will also add to this feeling of extra space.

    Even if you’re not looking to move, you’ll love what a loft conversion can offer you. Helping to avoid the cost of moving, you’ll be able to stay in the area that you love for longer. Saving you the hassle, it’s a solution that will benefit you for many years to come.

    No matter if you’re considering moving now or in the future, adding value to your home is never a bad thing. And in fact, loft conversions are said to increase the value of your home by up to 20%. A home improvement project that makes the most out of the space, it’s a feature that will stand your property out from the crowd for potential house buyers.

    Can My Loft Be Converted?

    You might be wondering, can my loft in Richmond be converted? This is something that you’ll want to undoubtedly discover at the beginning of the process. 

    To find out if a loft conversion is suitable for your home and that it has the planning permission required, it’s a good idea to get in contact with us today. Our team can then assess your space and talk you through the options that are available to you.

    If you’re looking for a loft conversion in Richmond London, look no further than Embury. we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to loft conversions. That’s why we work with our customers, ensuring that their extraordinary vision comes to life.

    Providing exceptional levels of customer satisfaction throughout the process, we use our vast experience to ensure that you love your new loft space and that it meets your requirements from start to finish.

    We know that a loft conversion may seem expensive. But we guarantee that your project will align with your budget and your timeline. Promising a great value fixed price, you can be rest assured that you’ll never face escalating costs.

    A family-run business based in the heart of Richmond, we strive to transform your loft space so that it’s a part of your home that you love to spend time in. 

    Creating a loft conversion Richmond London residents will love, Embury will ensure that your loft conversion meets your expectations. We also offer a free site survey and quote to ensure that you’re getting a loft conversion that’s right for you.

    Embury wants you to achieve the loft conversion that is entirely right for you. We offer a free site survey and no-quibble quote so you can make the decision to convert your loft with perfect confidence.

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