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    Are you based near Richmond or East Sheen and looking for a local builder to help with bathroom renovations?

    Whether you’re dealing with a private or commercial space, it’s fair to say that bathrooms matter. This is the room that everyone uses the most, after all, and an imperfect or poorly planned area is sure to cause disruption. Not to mention that a failure to take action could knock thousands off overall property value!

    The good news is that bathroom renovations could come to the rescue. With the ability to significantly improve value and appearances, this could be the fix-all solution you’re after. Sadly, this is a task you may delay because of imagined high bathroom renovation costs, or disruptions you don’t have time for. But, it doesn’t need to be that way.

    By trusting the expert bathroom fitters at Embury Property Services to complete this task, you can forever keep costs and disruptions to a minimum while still achieving that dream bathroom finish. Whether you’ve got a few ideas or want us to draw remodelling plans for you, you simply need to contact us to benefit from bathroom remodelling today.

    Your bathroom renovation costs
    Bathroom renovation costs are a considerable concern for understandable reasons. After all, renovations here can cost anywhere in the region of £1,000-7,000+. As such, we’d be lying if we said that you didn’t need to at least consider this. But, it should by no means prevent you from seeing your bathroom dreams through to reality, especially with Embury Property Services in your corner.

    We pride ourselves on convenient and competitive pricing that can see you forever securing the best bargains during the renovation process. In fact, if you let us know about your ideal budget before we begin drawing up plans, we’ll never stretch those pennies, thus providing you with the bathroom you desire at a price that’s guaranteed to suit. Even better, we’ll provide all that with the benefit of an initial free, no-obligation quote so that you never feel pressured into spending more than you can afford.
    Perfecting the planning stages
    After agreeing on your budget, we’ll get to work on the planning stages. If you have a bathroom design in mind, then this is the ideal time to share that information with our team. Even if your ideas aren’t in a neat package right now, we’ll take the notes you give us and get to work designing any stylish and trendy bathroom you have in mind. Even better, we’ll use our extensive knowledge along the way to ensure your rough plans provide a functional bathroom space.

    Even if you have no plans yet, giving us an idea of whether you’re after a modern or traditional bathroom should be enough to set the wheels in motion for careful planning and design activity that you can trust. With even basic bathroom renovation ideas on your part, our team has what it takes to draw up plans that bring you face-to-face with the bathroom you didn’t realise you needed.
    A time frame you can trust
    As if all that wasn’t benefit enough, time never needs to be a concern when you contact Embury Property Services for your bathroom renovation needs. That’s because we promise to set a timeframe for each project and stick to it. Forget long-winded renovation that leaves you bathroomless for goodness knows how long. We promise to complete work promptly so that you can get back on your feet as soon as possible.

    Whether you’re inviting our builders into your home or workplace, we’ll give you a time at the beginning of the project, and we guarantee to have your bathroom not only built but also clean and ready to go by the end of it. No questions asked.
    Contact Embury Property Services today
    With 20 years of experience in renovations like these, our family-led business really could bring your dream bathroom to life at last. Whether you’re after contemporary or traditional styles, we know precisely what it takes to perfect every stage of the building process. In fact, we’re proud to say that making stunning bathrooms is one of the skills that we’ve already put to good use for many happy customers, including homeowners and landlords. You, too, could benefit from bringing us on board.

    From your free quote onwards, we promise to consider your budget and desires at every stage to create a functional, fresh bathroom space that you’d struggle to find from any other company. And, all you need to do to enjoy that and more is contact us on 0800 622 6441 or 07738 947 314 today.
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